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    Dennis Jerome · 06/11/2012
    I'm confused by the information on the web site. I have a redwood deck, recently sanded and brightened. I wish to stain it with a redwood tinted stain.The site recommends the hardwood stain.Does that stain come in a redwood tint? What would you recommend that I use?
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    Dennis Jerome · 06/11/2012
    I have a redwood deck,recently sanded and brightened. Which of the three Defy stains would be the best and that has a redwood tint? It looks like there is only one of the products that has a redwood tint and that is not the one that you recommend for a redwood deck, the hardwood stain.
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    opwdecks · 03/21/2012
    For a true clear, the Defy Extreme would be best but not as good as the Defy Extreme in one of the three tints. Having a tint will give 200-300% better UV protection.

    All of them are penetrating matte finishes.

    Sorry but no dealers in Canada for Defy products but you can order online.
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    dave mackenzie · 03/21/2012
    Hi Guys,
    Looking for a clear product to use on timber and log work as well as chainsaw carvings. I am usally working in green materials mostly white pine and Douglas Fir, and it is exposed to the weather.
    I would appreciate any help in choosing the best product.Do your clear products dry to a matte or shiny finish?
    Thankyou for your time.
    Dave Mackenzie