Choosing a deck stain for an exterior wood project can be a daunting task. There is a lot of information out there on many types of wood stains. Some of the best stains for wood projects will be those that enhance the beauty of the wood while providing long lasting protection against natural elements like moisture, sun, and freeze/thaw damage. Another factor to consider when determining the best stain for a wood surface would be how long the stain might last.

One of the best protecting and longest lasting stains is the Defy Extreme line of wood stains. With that said there are many different situations that will determine how long a stain will last. From climate and weather to sun exposure and foot traffic there are many reasons a stain will eventually fade and wear away before needing a recoat. Every situation is unique. To help fight these natural and manmade elements and to help the stain last longer, Defy Stains are specially formulated to dive deep into the wood fibers to help restore natural oils and preserve the natural look of wood types from pine and cedar to mahogany and redwood.

How long does Defy last? Well as mentioned there are many factors to take into consideration, but in general Defy Stain will last approximately 2-3 years on most horizontal wood surfaces and 3-5 years on vertical surfaces. After Defy is weathered and worn simply reapply a light maintenance coat of stain to protect the surface for another few years. Defy will outlast most other stain brands in the same class. The synthetic semi-transparent formula of one of Defy’s stains such as Defy Hardwood will penetrate dense woods like cedar and redwood, which can be difficult.

Other Defy Stains like Defy Extreme is for rough cut woods like pine and cedar log siding or rough sawn wood. Defy makes a stain for most any wood type and application. It will outlast other brands providing beauty and protection of varies exterior wood surfaces. Another important factor in determining the answer to the question how long does defy last is regular maintenance.

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