Welcome to DefyStain.com, weatherproofing solutions for Exterior Restoration. With a full line of Restoration Products, Defy has products for all types of Exterior Wood, Decks, Fences, Concrete, Masonry, and Roofs.

DEFY Wood Stains meet the Green Performance Standards of The Master Painter's Institute (MPI). These tough new standards address environmental friendliness with performance in light of the latest environmental regulations.

Water based deck stains such as the Defy Extreme, have made great leaps in wood preservation and protection. One reason water based stains are one of the best types of stain for staining a wood deck is because they are less prone to mold and mildew growth than traditional oil based stains. A water based stain containing the natural mildewcide zinc will fight off mold and mildew.

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Defy Wood Restoration and Deck Stains:

Defy Concrete and Paver Products

  • Defy Epoxy Fortified Paver Sealer
  • Defy All Purpose Heavy Duty Water Repellent
  • Defy Water Repellent for Brick

Oil Based vs Defy Water Based Deck Stains