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Important Note! Defy is introduced new Product Labels for 2019. The same great products are still inside, just new and improved labels.

DEFY-ColorTipsDEFAULTNano-Technology Improves Stain Performance 200-600%

SaverSystems has joint ventured with several companies to develop a new long lasting stain technology.  Our research efforts over the last year and a half have lead to a new development in the performance of exterior, semi-transparent wood finishes to protect your deck.

Project_buttonA newly developed nano-technology used in combination with our existing technology has been found to significantly increase the durability and weather resistance of our synthetic resin based deck stains. This new light stabilizing nano-technology actually works by blocking and absorbing the harmful UV rays from the sun that damage your wood.

Not only does this new technology help prevent wood from graying it also helps prevent water intrusion while resisting  fungal growth. The independent test results are in, and below are photo’s of the actual test boards which show how the new DEFY Extreme new technology stacks up against the best selling national brands.


Defy Extreme Wood Stain utilizes Nano Particles (Similar to Sunscreen) and High Grade Synthetic Resins. When combined they will reflect the sun and provide UV protection that has never been seen in a Tinted Wood Finish. This is a First in the Industry

Defy Extreme Wood Stain can be used on interior or exterior smooth hardwood surfaces including: wood siding, decks, outdoor wood furniture, and other hardwood surfaces.

Defy Extreme - Wood Stain:

  • Utilizing Nano-Particles and Synthetic Resins. Nano Light-Stabilizers block the sun's harmful UV rays preventing graying
  • Nano particles help prevent mold and algae
  • Semi-Transparent wood finish adds color and protection to your wood
  • Stains and seals your wood from water penetration
  • Water-Based with easy soap and water cleanup
  • VOC Compliant and Eco-Friendly formula
  • Leading protection that will outperform all tinted transparent wood stains

Defy Stain Tips and Help

Gallon Sizes: 1's & 5's
Coverage Per Gallon: 100-150 sq. feet (100 for 2 coats)
Coats Required: 2 Coats. "Wet on Wet"
Temperature: 45-95 F
Application Tools: Pad, Sprayer, Brush, Roller
Dry Time: 2-4 Hours
Cleanup: Water & Soap
State VOC Limits: Compliant in all States
More Info: Product Data


Wednesday, 03 May 2017

We have tried numerous stains and the Defy Extreme is the only stain that lasted the full two years/


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  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 03/26/2012
    Defy products do not "promote" mold or mildew growth. In addition the zinc oxide that is in the Extreme will prevent the growth of mold.

    Verticals typically last 3-6 years on exterior wood. Interior would last indefinitely.

    Cumaru is an exotic hardwood and these types of wood need to be maintained constantly. This is wood not the stains fault. Most likely you would need to apply a coat annually to the cumaru decking.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    kathy Sullivan · 03/26/2012
    I am building on the coast of Hawaii. I am looking for a stain for my beams both exterior and interior. Mold and Mildew is a major problem here. What are your suggestions and how long would you expect the stain to last in this high humidity, high salt climate? How does it work on Cumaru decking?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 10/16/2011
    I would wait to let the wood dry until the Spring with your new deck.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    N8 · 10/16/2011
    I'm building a new deck and using PTL, should I wait to seal/stain it next spring once the lumber has dried up some or stain it right away?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 09/07/2011
    New wood typically only needs one coat of stain.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Greg · 09/07/2011
    This looks like a great product from all that I've read. Just wondering how necessary the second coat is for a deck that is only 6 months old? Thanks.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 08/29/2011
    Defy does not darken in color over time. Just fades. You will get 2-3 times the UV protection if you choose a color over the clear.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Brian · 08/29/2011
    from my research defy seems like a great product which i will probably be purchasing on line since I live in Canada. I just finished a cedar deck I am thinking about going clear not because i don't like a little color i am just afraid that after 2 years the light cedartone will look very much darker. Is defy extreme more resistant to this darkening over time than other oils/stains. Can you post a picture that shows how the product ages over time. Thanks
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 08/05/2011
    Yes but having one of the tinted colors will protect from UV graying 2-3 times longer then the clear.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Dave Persing · 08/04/2011
    I just installed a new pine PTL deck and really like the color of the natural wood. Will your crystal clear sealant keep the natural wood look?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 07/24/2011
    Ships from Michigan and can take 4-5 business days to ship to Oregon
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Ed Boardrow · 07/24/2011
    Where is your product shipped from and how long would it take for 10 gallon to arrive in Oregon?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 07/17/2011
    I would look at the Natural Pine for the redwood fence. It will enhance the color similar to as if wet with water. One a fence your should get 4-6 years.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Dave · 07/17/2011
    I just built a new redwood fence in California. I'd like to use your Extreme product but keep the general look of the redwood. Will the cedar color even out the color some and how often to respray with about 50% sun exposure?
    Thank you!
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 07/17/2011
    Sure it will prolong the life of your deck. It will need to be reapplied very 2-3 years with your high UV exposure
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Krys · 07/16/2011
    I live in the desert southwest. We are building a deck with pressure treated wood but everyone keeps telling us it will not last because of the strong sunshine here. Will your product increase the life of our deck or should we go will Trex deck or something simular?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 07/11/2011
    The Extreme contains the nano particles of zinc oxide. This gives it better UV protection.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    confused in MN · 07/11/2011
    What is the difference between the Defy Extreme and Defy uv-resistant with epoxy wood finish?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 07/06/2011
    Unfortunately Defy does not make a "pecan" color. The closest would be the light walnut color which is a brownish/red.

    For these decks I would suggest the Defy Extreme Stain
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Beth Cowan · 07/06/2011
    I have a cedar deck and a northern pine deck. I like a "pecan" color. I like to see the natural beauty of the wood, but I like alittle color also. They have been previously stained but have now been stripped. I have seen other cedar tone stains that look like orange paint when appplied. I do not want that to happen. Should I use a clear or a cedar tone as a little color still shows in the decks especially in the knots? Also should I use the extreme or the hardwood stain?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 07/05/2011
    If the previous coatings are gone then yes the Defy will penetrate into the wood. If not then you will possibly have issues. Best to test by dropping some water in the deck. If it beads then you should strip off all of the old coatings. If it absorbs right away then you should be okay to stain with Defy.

    The Natural Pine color would be best for lightest but with UV protection.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    bob · 07/05/2011
    I have a 500 sq ft PTL deck that is 25 years old and looks brand new. I have pressure washed it every 4 or so years and have used thompsons and Wolmans to seal it. I just pressure washed it and am waiting for it to dry thoroughly. Will your product be absorbed by the wood even after years of being sealed with other products? My biggest problem is green/black algae buildup especially in the shaded areas. What would you recommend to keep the wood as close to pine color yet protect the sun baked areas from the UV rays?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 06/11/2011
    Yes using the Defy Extreme in any of the tints will enhance the color and improve the UV resistance.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Daniel C. Knight · 06/11/2011
    I just stained a new deck project. The wood is new red cedar. It didn't turn out as dark as I would have liked. Can I use the Defy Extreme with cedartone to darken it up a bit? I'm going to clear coat it anyway so why not use the sealer with the tint in it?
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    opwdecks · 06/03/2011
    All new wood needs to be cleaned and brightened to prep the wood for a wood stain. Typically lasts 18-36 months on a horizontal surface and longer on verticals.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    DANIEL DYE · 06/03/2011
    I have a brand new deck. Can I put your product on without stripping/cleaning the new deck? How long does your product last?