Defy Wood Deck Stain Near MeFinding a quality water based deck stain used to be nearly impossible until Defy came out with new stain technology. Utilizing nanoparticles and high-grade resins Defy extreme reflects harmful UV rays to provide protection from graying like never before seen in the stain industry. The nano light stabilizers not only block UV radiation but prevent mold and mildew as well. At over 30 trillion particles per square inch, these nanoparticles act like a sunscreen for your deck.

This amazing technology is available to homeowners all across the country. Defy wood deck stain near me is a popular search term and will steer consumers to authorized Defy online dealers that can ship this high tech wood stain anywhere in the country. With a water based formula Defy wood deck stain is eco-friendly and VOC compliant meaning it can be shipped to all 50 states. This is good news for deck owners looking for a water based deck stain that will outperform most all transparent wood stains.

Besides decks Defy wood stain will provide excellent protection for other wood surfaces such as wood siding, fences, shakes, wood furniture and other hardwood surfaces. It can be used on both smooth and rough wood substrates. Defy stain sheds and repels water and unwanted moisture as well as it blocks harsh UV rays. This equates to an all around excellent exterior wood weather barrier that eliminates fungal growth, wood rot, decay, warping, discoloring and graying leaving your wood surfaces looking new and in excellent shape.

Search Defy wood deck stain near me to find an authorized Defy dealer online and ask about more information of this quality water based deck stain. With an online dealer, you may qualify for free shipping as well as excellent customer support. Many dealers offer how-to articles to help with your exterior staining project. Find Defy wood deck stain and protect your wood surfaces like the professionals.

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    William nelkin · 03/07/2020
    What do I use to apply extreme to the deck brush roller or what?
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    opwdecks · 04/29/2017
    Richard Lucas:
    I want to order the defy extreme semi transparent waterborne cedar tinted deck stain

    Hello, you can buy on this link:
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    Richard Lucas · 04/29/2017
    I want to order the defy extreme semi transparent waterborne cedar tinted deck stain