Defy BrightenerThe most effective method for restoring a wood surface is a three-step method used by most cleaning contractors. You can get the same results by following the multi-step method of cleaning, brightening, and staining. Use Defy Wood Cleaner to remove any dirt, grime, and mildew. Follow this up with Defy Wood Brightener to neutralize the cleaner and help with stain penetration. Then apply a Defy wood finish for the best results.

The Defy Wood Brightener Review shows it helps restore the rich look of exterior wood surfaces. It also removes tannin and rust stains that are hard to remove with wood cleaners. It naturalizes the wood to a more acidic level opening the wood pores to provide excellent stain penetration. This vital step is the key for optimal stain performance and weather protection. We recommend cleaning the wood with Defy Wood Cleaner but Defy Wood Brightener can be used to neutralize any deck cleaner or deck stain stripper just as effectively.

When applied to wood that has just been cleaned using a wood cleaner, Defy Wood Brightener has an immediate reaction. It will begin lightening the wood right before your eyes. After the wood dries, it provides a natural look and enhanced wood grain beauty. Defy Wood Brightener comes in a concentrated liquid formula that will effectively brighten up to 1,000 square feet of surface per 1-gallon container. Defy Brightener is not recommended for the removal of paint, stains or clear finishes. Use Defy Exterior Stain Stripper instead then followed by Defy Wood Brightener.

Defy Wood Brightener will give you professional like results when it comes to wood restoration. The application and use of Defy Wood Brightener is a simple step that will make all the difference. The eco-safe formula will not harm most plants or shrubbery when used properly. It can be used on old or new wood for additional cleaning and mill glaze removal or for neutralizing and brightening wood after using a wood cleaner.

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