Need Help applying or prepping for your Defy Stains?

DEFY wood and deck stain products are formulated with premium quality synthetic resins that resist mold and mildew growth, are easy to apply and are environmentally friendly.

We are here to help you achieve the best possible results with these Defy Stains:

  • Defy Extreme Stain (Most Popular Defy Stain)
  • Defy Epoxy Stain (Second Most Popular)
  • Defy Stains for Hardwood Decking such as IPE and Mahogany
  • Defy Original Synthetic Wood Finish


To help us give you some advice, please answer these stain application questions

  1. info buttonFinal color desired?
  2. What kind of wood do you have?
  3. New wood or old wood?
  4. Smooth wood or roughsawn?
  5. Has the wood been stained prior?
  6. Additional info?


In addition please ask any questions you may have on prepping for Defy Stains:

  • Defy Wood Cleaner
  • Defy Stain Stripper - When to use this over the cleaner?
  • Defy Wood Brightener

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    opwdecks · 03/16/2013
    Yes staining would be good but you should allow the wood to weather for a few months then prep the wood. Please read this about the process for new wood:
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    Terry Powers · 03/14/2013
    We have had new smooth high grade plywood milled to match 1950's T1-11 grooved siding and want to know if staining it is a good option. It is a 1950's modern house in Palm springs so we have to consider the desert climate as well. We want a look like a lot of the cedar siding and ipe wood you see on contemporary homes these days. What would you recommend?
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    opwdecks · 03/04/2013
    Butternut may be your best option for the color. You can get samples from us here:

    Defy stain Samples ([url]defy-stain-samples.html[/url])

    2 coats "wet on wet". You can spray but you would need to back brush the second coat.
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    Zofia Lavoie · 03/04/2013
    Exterior Western red cedar rough siding, brand new with new douglas fir trusses/posts. I am interested in a semitransparent light brown stain - not orange or red. How many coats? Sprayed or brushed? Where can I buy the product. I am in Connecticut, building in Vermont. I'd like to try it on a piece of siding & see if I like the product.
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    opwdecks · 02/23/2013
    Yes you would need to remove the solid stain but solid stains cannot be stripped. You would need to sand that off, then clean and brighten wood after. Once the wood is prepped you would stain with the Defy Extreme Wood Stain.
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    ramona lamascla · 02/22/2013
    final color reddish tone,pressure treated wood approx. 4yrs oldsmooth. it was stained solid stain 2 years ago. it need a cleanup but i want to do it right and long lasting.since defy products werent used prior i am assuming i have to strip clean then stain. is that right.