Why use Defy Extreme Water Based Deck Stains?

Protecting a wood deck from the elements is a necessity in prolonging the life of the wood. An unprotected deck will deteriorate quickly from harsh UV rays and unwanted moisture. To protect and preserve a deck it’s important to maintain it with some type of protective coating. These coatings can vary greatly and may be confusing to some. Wood preservatives can range from deck sealer and deck stain to water based and oil based. So what’s the difference?

Deck sealers usually refer to the coatings that are clear or transparent with no added tint or color. These can be oil or water based. Although they provide adequate moisture protection, they do not protect against harsh UV rays because they are lacking pigment. Deck stains are the tinted, toned, or colored stains. They can be either water or oil based in nature. They can also range from solid to semi-transparent. Unlike clear sealers, deck stains will provide UV protection as well as protection from water damage. The more pigment in the deck stain the more UV protection it will provide. Deck stains are available in a wide variety of colors.

Defy Wood Deck Stain Near MeFinding a quality water based deck stain used to be nearly impossible until Defy came out with new stain technology. Utilizing nanoparticles and high-grade resins Defy extreme reflects harmful UV rays to provide protection from graying like never before seen in the stain industry. The nano light stabilizers not only block UV radiation but prevent mold and mildew as well. At over 30 trillion particles per square inch, these nanoparticles act like a sunscreen for your deck.

This amazing technology is available to homeowners all across the country. Defy wood deck stain near me is a popular search term and will steer consumers to authorized Defy online dealers that can ship this high tech wood stain anywhere in the country. With a water based formula Defy wood deck stain is eco-friendly and VOC compliant meaning it can be shipped to all 50 states. This is good news for deck owners looking for a water based deck stain that will outperform most all transparent wood stains.

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Why Use a Wood Brightener?




Defy Wood Cleaner ReviewWood surfaces need to be cleaned and prepped prior to staining. This crucial step can make or break the performance of a deck stain. Proper cleaning of the wood will ensure your deck stain looks and performs as expected. Defy Wood Deck Cleaner reviews show it has the best ratings compared to most chlorine bleach based wood cleaners. The oxygen bleach solution is extremely successful at eliminating dirt, grime, mold, mildew, algae and graying from exterior wood surfaces prior to staining.

The safe powdered formula of oxygen bleach concentrate that makes up Defy Wood Deck Cleaner is mixed with water to effectively clean and fully restore the natural colors and beauty of exterior wood. This oxygen bleach based cleaner is eco-friendly, safe and biodegradable unlike chlorine bleach based cleaners and will not damage wood fibers, grass, and landscaping or harm pets. The foaming action of Defy Wood Cleaner penetrates the wood pores seeking out deep down dirt and grime lifting it to the surface for a thorough cleaning like never before.

Defy BrightenerThe most effective method for restoring a wood surface is a three-step method used by most cleaning contractors. You can get the same results by following the multi-step method of cleaning, brightening, and staining. Use Defy Wood Cleaner to remove any dirt, grime, and mildew. Follow this up with Defy Wood Brightener to neutralize the cleaner and help with stain penetration. Then apply a Defy wood finish for the best results.

The Defy Wood Brightener Review shows it helps restore the rich look of exterior wood surfaces. It also removes tannin and rust stains that are hard to remove with wood cleaners. It naturalizes the wood to a more acidic level opening the wood pores to provide excellent stain penetration. This vital step is the key for optimal stain performance and weather protection. We recommend cleaning the wood with Defy Wood Cleaner but Defy Wood Brightener can be used to neutralize any deck cleaner or deck stain stripper just as effectively.

A review of Defy Marine Stain showed it to be ideal for docks, piers, fencing, walk bridges, pontoon floors, pylons or any exterior wood surface near fresh or salt water. Moisture can wreak havoc on wood. Protecting it with a weatherproof stain like Defy Marine Stain is vital. The technology used in Defy Marine Stain is a state of the art blend of nanoparticles. These act like a sunscreen when mixed with synthetic resins and provide optimal sun fading protection and a natural resistance to mold and mildew.

The Defy Marine Stain review also revealed it to be a water-based formula with oil-based like abilities to penetrate deep into the wood pores for maximum protection. Except with oil-based stains clean up is a mess and are not recommend using around water. Defy Marine Stain cleans up easily with water and is suited for marina use and will not harm aquatic life or vegetation. Its low-VOC formula is extremely compliant and environmentally friendly.

Best Defy Stain for Log Cabins is Defy Extreme Stain

There is no denying that a log cabin is one of the most beautiful structures you could choose to live in. The natural look of the logs blend into most landscapes and is a true statement of pride and pleasure. Maintaining a log cabin can however be quit overwhelming. It certainly is not for everybody. But for those who choose to live in the surroundings of a beautiful log cabin, maintenance is just part of it. To protect the logs from weather damage it is necessary to clean and stain them periodically. The stain will help block out sun and water damage to preserve the logs for many years.

The best Defy Stain for log cabins is Defy Extreme. Defy Extreme Stain is best used on all vertical exterior surfaces and works extremely well for staining log cabins. The specifically blended nanoparticles and high-grade synthetic resins work together to act like a sunscreen blocking out harmful UV rays. This helps eliminate wood fading, discoloring and unsightly graying. This technology is a first in the stain industry and has never been seen in a tinted wood finish.

Best Defy Stain for IPE Decking is Defy Hardwood Stain

Exotic hardwoods like IPE are extremely durable and work well for exterior surfaces. Their beauty and overall appearance are hard to beat. They can however be at risk when exposed to the elements and need to be protected from water and sun damage. IPE, also known as Brazilian walnut is three times harder than cedar. It is one of the densest woods available. Due to its dense nature it can be difficult to find a stain that will penetrate well enough to provide protection. Using any type of regular wood stain will most likely fail to be effective. A special type of stain needs to be used so it will penetrate the dense wood to block out sun and water damage.

The best Defy Stain for IPE is Defy Hardwoods. This VOC-compliant stain will penetrate the dense wood pores to help shield against weather damage and provide a beautiful long lasting finish. Most stains are not effective at penetrating the oil rich dense nature of IPE and will remain on the surface and ultimately fail. Defy Stain for Hardwoods is uniquely designed with smaller resins that penetrate dense woods better. This helps reduce surface buildup, which can lead to peeling.

Best Defy Stain for Docks

Docks take a lot of abuse, as do the weather resistant stains that protect them. Constant moisture can take its toll on most any weatherproof stain. Finding a quality stain that protects exterior wood in such a moist environment is vital to a dock’s longevity. The best Defy Stain for docks is Defy Marine Stain. It is fitting for use on all types of wood docks and piers and will provide extreme protection against the damaging effects of both fresh and salt water.

Defy Marine Seal and Stain is a uniquely blended formula of nanoparticle technology and synthetic resins to defend against UV color fade, mold, and mildew. This one of a kind technology acts like a sunscreen reflecting the sun’s harmful rays and locking out moisture. Its resistance to mold and mildew growth are also a key factor in standing up against such wet conditions.

Best Defy Stain for Cedar Homes is Defy Extreme Stain

The natural resistance to insects makes cedar a great choice for the exterior of a home. Cedar siding can last a long time when treated and maintained properly. Protecting the cedar from Mother Nature is the key to its longevity. The right stain will not only provide years of protection but will also bring out the natural beauty of the cedar for an eye-catching appearance.

Defy Stain makes several products that can be used on cedar homes for a beautiful long lasting finish. But the best Defy Stain for cedar homes is Defy Extreme. This stain can be used on smooth or rough exterior wood surfaces including decks, wood furniture, hardwood surfaces and wood siding. It is the best Defy Stain for vertical surfaces like cedar siding on a home.

When switching to a new brand of stain you should first remove any remnants of old coating that may be present. The same goes for switching to Defy stains. Unlike paint, wood stains are not designed to adhere to one another. When a new stain like Defy is applied over the top of an old coating it can jeopardize its performance and lead to premature failure of the stain.

Defy stains work best when applied to newly cleaned wood that is free of any old coatings. This allows the stain to penetrate the wood for maximum UV and water protection. When Defy wood stain is applied to an unclean surface or on top of an existing coating it may cause it to peel and flake because it is not meant to adhere to other stains. Proper stain penetration is the key to a long lasting beautiful finish.

Prior to switching to Defy stains clean the wood properly using a wood cleaner. If an old coating is present, use a wood stain stripper instead of a wood cleaner. This will soften the old stain making it easier to wash away using a pressure washer. After cleaning or stripping the wood use Defy wood brightener to complete the wood prepping process.

If you are unsure if the wood surface has an old coating on it, you can use the water drop test. Sprinkle a few drops of water on a dry area of the wood surface. If the water is absorbed quickly into the wood it suggests that an old coating is not present. Be sure to test several areas for better consistency. If the water beads up and is not absorbed into the wood that is a good indication that an old coating of some sort is still present and must be stripped away prior to switching to Defy stains.

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