Defy Stain is a synthetic resin, semi transparent wood stain. It is designed using hi tech Nano-Technology to produce a level of durability that has never been available in a wood stain product. Defy is easy to apply, especially for a water based stain. This is due to its effective penetrating ability. The best way to apply Defy Stain is with a sprayer, stain pad, or roller. A brush can also be used in smaller hard to reach areas.

It is important to know that the wood surface should be cleaned properly prior to applying stain. This cleaning process can be completed using the Defy wood cleaner and Defy wood brightener products. Follow the directions for cleaning and prepping the wood prior to staining. After cleaning, allow the wood to dry for several days.

When applying Defy stain using one of the application tools mentioned above, it is important to move swiftly to eliminate potential over lap marks. It can also help to stain one whole board at a time from end to end before moving on to the next board. Stain your way across the area using this method. Try not to stop in the middle of a board only to come back to it later. This will create lap marks that will be visible on the finish.

Once you have applied Defy stain to an area or section, let it sit and soak into the wood for 10-15 minutes. If there are any excess puddles of stain that are not soaking in wipe them away with a clean rag. If these excess puddles are left alone and allowed to dry on the surface it can result in an unsightly finish. Shiny blotches are the result of over applying the stain. If all the stain is absorbed into the wood and it seems like the wood is thirsty for more then wait about 30 minutes and reapply a second coat. As long as the second coat soaks in continue applying but wipe away any excess puddles that are not absorbed before they dry.

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    Lonnie · 08/31/2020
    My sun deck has an old stain on it. If I pressure wash it to remove old stain and dirt should I do anything else to prepare the wood for defy stain?
    • We will reply to your comment shortly.
      thesealerstore · 08/31/2020
      You will need to strip and brighten to remove the old sain while pressure washing.
  • We will reply to your comment shortly.
    Doug · 08/11/2020
    Can I wait a month before I apply a second coat.
    • We will reply to your comment shortly.
      thesealerstore · 08/11/2020
      No, needs to be wet on wet.