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Defy Exterior Wood Stripper

Defy Exterior Wood Stripper


Defy exterior deck stain and sealer remover
Defy Exterior Wood Stripper is a biodegradable, easy to use deck stain remover that will quickly remove stain wood finishes to restore the natural beauty of wood surfaces. Stains and varnishes are removed along with collected dirt, mold, mildew and mill glaze.


  • Strips worn finishes
  • Biodegradable deck stain remover
  • Restores the natural beauty of wood
  • Water clean-up

Defy Exterior Wood Stain Stripper will remove most oil and latex based finishes including: clear film-forming varnishes, polyurethanes, solid color and semi-transparent stains. To find out how to remove wood stain with Defy wood stripper, read below.

How to remove wood stain
Defy Exterior Wood Stain Stripper will remove weathered solid color stains and varnishes as well as semi-transparent stains that cannot be removed by simply cleaning. If unsure whether the wood needs to be stripped or just cleaned, test a small, inconspicuous area to determine which method will provide the best results before proceeding. Defy wood stripper will cover 100-150 sq. ft. per gallon and is sold in 1 gallon containers. Applying a generous amount of this deck stain remover with a polyester brush, roller or pump-up hand sprayer and then allowing it to sit for 15 minutes will cause the finish to begin to lift and remove stain wood finish from the wood?s surface. After the finish begins to lift, scrub with a stiff bristle brush in the direction of the wood grain. After scrubbing, rinse with large amounts of water in the direction of the wood grain. Using a pressure washer, although not mandatory, will eliminate the need for scrubbing. However, particular care should be taken with a power washer to avoid damaging the wood. After rinsing, you must neutralize and brighten the wood with Defy Wood Brightener immediately. If stubborn areas remain, repeat the application in those areas.

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RE: Defy Exterior Wood Stripper
Quoting Graham Knowles:
Is this product available in the UK
"Defy Exterior Wood Stripper"
If so can you tell me where from
If not can you ship to the uk?

Sorry there are not dealers there nor do we ship there.
opwdecks , June 7th , 2016
  • 0
Is this product available in the UK
"Defy Exterior Wood Stripper"
If so can you tell me where from
If not can you ship to the uk?
Graham Knowles , June 7th , 2016
  • 0
RE: Defy Exterior Wood Stripper
Quoting Janice Doherty:
i live in area code 27265. Where can I find your stripper and stain products?

We are an online dealer and can ship to you in 2-3 days.
opwdecks , April 26th , 2015
  • 0
i live in area code 27265. Where can I find your stripper and stain products?
Janice Doherty , April 26th , 2015
  • 0
re: Tompsons Removal
Use the Defy Stain Stripper followed by the brightener.
opwdecks , July 4th , 2014
  • 0
Tompsons Removal
What steps are required to remove years of tompsons water sealer prior to using Defy wood stain?
Mike K , July 3rd , 2014
  • 0
re: Effect on plants and fish
1. If you pre wet and rinse the plants form any over spray you will not have issues. Failure to do this could result in browning of the leaves.

2. Not when heavily diluted as it would be by the time anything got into the water.
opwdecks , October 22nd , 2013
  • 0
Effect on plants and fish
1. Will Defy Stain Stripper and Defy Wood Brightener harm flowers and plants?
2. We live on a lake and I plan to redo our stained dock. Are Defy Stain Stripper and Defy Wood Brightener toxic to fish?

Thsnk you.
JS , October 22nd , 2013
  • 0
re: different stages to clean/strip??
Best to use the Defy Stain Stripper to remove the old stain and brighten when done with the Defy Wood Brightener.
thesealerstore , September 1st , 2013
  • 0
different stages to clean/strip??
I have a previously-trea ted deck that is pretty much worn of it's stain completely - in need of cleaning(?) along with wood trim that is in various stages of stain depending on the exposure. Is there 1 product/method that i can use to get everything back to the same starting point so that the i use your Extreme stain on everything?
sam , August 31st , 2013
  • 0
Strip and or media blast to remove the old coatings so the Defy can properly soak into the wood.
opwdecks , May 25th , 2013
  • 0
I have a house near the ocean in southern California. My cedar shingles have been stained with water based Cuprinol and SW DeckScapes in the past. Would you recommend using the Srtipper, then Brightener before using Extreme Cedar Tone? Thanks, Walter
Walter , May 24th , 2013
  • 0
re; When to use neutralizer
It is best to use it as soon as possible but if you cannot then applying a few days later is better then not applying at all.
opwdecks , September 4th , 2012
  • 0
When to use neutralizer
I used the Defy stain stripper to remove a solid stain and it removed a good bit of it, but it looks like I'll have to go over it a couple more times to get some of the more stubborn spots. That could take a few days, and the directions call for using the wood brightener "immediately" after using the stripper. Is it okay to use the stripper several days in a row before using the wood brightener to neutralize it?
Patrick , September 4th , 2012
  • 0
It depends on which Sikkens you have. If it is the thick "shiny" varnish type Sikkens, then no nothing will get it off effectively. You would need to sand.
opwdecks , February 25th , 2012
  • 0
I have 2 coats of sikkens on my deck. Will this product remove it effectively? I haven't come across any comments online about having success getting this stuff off with ANY product.
Michelle , February 25th , 2012
  • 0
Yes the Defy Stain stripper will clean everything. I think you need 3 gallon for the two coats on your size deck.
opwdecks , June 12th , 2011
  • 0
RE: Defy Exterior Wood Stripper
My deck has an old flooring/base with some old stain on it, plus mold/mildew etc. The railings are new wood that has dried for at least a year and is moldy etc. I want to clean all of it of course. Will the stain stripper clean the mold/mildew and clean the newer wood too? or do I need to buy the cleaner to clean everything after the stripper. I just don't know if I need the stripper and cleaner. I know I need the brightener. Thanks for your help. Also, my deck is 12x14 with two steps and railing. Do I need 2 cans of stain? Thanks again!
Monica , June 11th , 2011
  • -1
I would use the Defy Stain Stripper to prep the wood followed by the Defy Wood Brightener to neutralize the stripper. This would be the best way to prep for the Defy Stain in a light color (natural pine).
opwdecks , May 27th , 2011
  • 0
Looking for some advice. I used your clear epoxy stain for the fist time on a new cedar deck approx 2 years ago. It looked great at first but I have never seen clear stain appearance last more than a year or 2 anyway. Customer wants it done again. I dont want to change products but want to use a Defy stain with a light toner which should hide some of the dirt created over time. My questions.......

Do I need to strip off the Epoxy stain?
If so, which of your products would do this?
Is there an Epoxy stripper?
Would I use a brightener afterwards before applying the new stain?
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
John K Pequannock NJ
John K , May 26th , 2011
  • 0
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