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Defy Extreme Wood Deck Stains

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Defy Extreme Color TipsNano-Technology Improves Stain Performance 200-600%

SaverSystems has joint ventured with several companies to develop a new long lasting stain technology.  Our research efforts over the last year and a half have lead Project_buttonto a new development in the performance of exterior, semi-transparent wood finishes to protect your deck.

A newly developed nano-technology used in combination with our existing technology has been found to significantly increase the durability and weather resistance of our synthetic resin based deck stains. This new light stabilizing nano-technology actually works by blocking and absorbing the harmful UV rays from the sun that damage your wood.

Not only does this new technology help prevent wood from graying it also helps prevent water intrusion while resisting  fungal growth. The independent test results are in, and below are photo’s of the actual test boards which show how the new DEFY Extreme new technology stacks up against the best selling national brands.

Defy Extreme Stain Review and Ratings

Defy Extreme Wood Stain utilizes Nano Particles (Similar to Sunscreen) and High Grade Synthetic Resins. When combined they will reflect the sun and provide UV protection that has never been seen in a Tinted Wood Finish. This is a First in the Industry

Defy Extreme Wood Stain can be used on interior or exterior smooth hardwood surfaces including: wood siding, decks, outdoor wood furniture, and other hardwood surfaces.

Defy Extreme - Wood Stain:

  • Utilizing Nano-Particles and Synthetic Resins. Nano Light-Stabilizers block the sun's harmful UV rays preventing graying
  • Nano particles help prevent mold and algae
  • Semi-Transparent wood finish adds color and protection to your wood
  • Stains and seals your wood from water penetration
  • Water-Based with easy soap and water cleanup
  • VOC Compliant and Eco-Friendly formula
  • Leading protection that will outperform all tinted transparent wood stains

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Defy Extreme Stain Info

Gallon Sizes: 1's & 5's
Coverage Per Gallon: 100-150 sq. feet (100 for 2 coats)
Coats Required: 2 Coats. "Wet on Wet"
Temperature: 45-95 F
Application Tools: Pad, Sprayer, Brush, Roller
Dry Time: 2-4 Hours
Cleanup: Water & Soap
State VOC Limits: Compliant in all States
More Info: Product Data

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Defy Wood Stains are registered "Green" and meet the MPI (Master Painter's Institute) Guidelines for Environmental Friendliness and Maximum Performance.